IRG Senior Workshop 2020. Platforms’ Regulation and telecoms NRAs (Part 2, 4th December 2020)


The second day of the IRG Senior Workshop focused on the platform's regulation European Parliament perspective and best practices from UK, with OFCOM initiative regarding platforms' regulation. This session was moderated by Annemarie SipkesIRG/BEREC Chair 2022.

The 2020 IRG Senior Workshop, was honoured to host as Keynote Speaker with MEP Saliba Leading IMCO Rapporteur on the EP own initiative report on DSA

MEP Saliba presented the main axes and views from the  DSA IMCO Draft Report as well as the aspects that would need to be addressed in the future. MEP Saliba maintained an interactive discussion with NRAs Senior Management on the impact for platform's regulation.

The IRG Senior Workshop also included a highly interesting perspectives of the UK Ofcom iniitiative regarding platforms' regulation. OFCOM, together with the CMA ( Competition and Markets Authority) and the ICO ( Information Commissioner's Office, the UK Data regulator) have launched the DRCF (Digital Regulation Cooperation Forum). The DCRF forum was established to ensure a greater level of cooperation, given the unique challenges posed by regulation of online platforms.

The DCRF focuses on the following priority areas:

  • Responding strategically to industry and technological developments
  • Developing joined-up regulatory approaches
  • Building shared skills and capabilities

The Workshop provided with a unique opportunity for an interactive discussion between the European Telecoms NRAs and the CMA to explore current and future best practices on platforms' regulation.