IRG Info-Shot with MEP Schwap, Lead DMA Rapporteur and Financial Times, EU correspondent, Javier Espinoza

DMA Digital Markets Act

On the 21 of June, IRG organised the 1st Info-Shot featuring DMA Lead Rapporteur MEP Schwab and EU Brussels FT Correspondent , Javier Espinoza. The conversation tackled the most important key strategic dimensions of the DMA such as the governance of the DMA hence the efficient dimension of the implementation of the rules and hence its success. The conversation also addressed the timeline of the implementation as well as the timeline of the designation of the gatekeepers. The FT EU correspondent also questioned MEP Schwab on the reaction of the potential gatekeepers after MEPs recent visit to Silicon Valley. The interactive dynamic conversation provided a full picture of the evolution of the DMA since its inception as well as the EU legislative process until its implementation, expected at the beginning of 2024. The DMA will finally be voted at EU Plenary in July 2022.