A blue sky discussion: What Strategic Future for the Digital Regulation? A 1st Prep Webinar for the 2021 IRG Heads' Workshop.

As a preparation of the 2021 IRG Head's Workshop, IRG organised A blue sky discussion with breakthrough insightful thinkers on the strategic future of regulating digital.

The Webinar, moderated by Camilla Bustani, Director International at Ofcom, counted with outstanding expert academics on digital regulation having different perspectives and sectorial experience ( Competition, Financial, Economic and Telecommunication backgrounds) 

  • Alexandre de Streel, Professor of European law at the University of Namur (Belgium) and Joint-academic director at the Centre Regulation in Europe (CERRE). 
  • Philip Marsden, Deputy Chair of the Bank of England’s Enforcement Decision Making Committee, and decisionmaker for competition and regulatory cases at the Financial Conduct Authority, the Payment Systems Regulator and OFGEM.
  • Pierre Larouche, Vice-Dean Montreal University, Law Professor at Montreal University 

These three experts presented their personal visions on the future digital regulatory trends and how it might and should impact and inspire the NRAs' ways of regulating in the future.