2023 IRG Head’s Workshop Highlights

Warsaw, December 6, 2023 – "Entering into the DSA Era: When Regulatory Collaboration is Key". “IRG delivered once again what it does best. “

Genuinely interactive and mutually-learning discussions

The 2023 IRG Head’s Workshop, a pivotal face-to-face event, took place in Warsaw on December 6, alongside the 4th IRG General Assembly. This importance of the topic certainly relates with the fact that workshop gathered over 90 participants from 28 National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs). The workshop also led to many enlightening learnings regarding the challenges of the DSA implementation and opportunities to exchange an asymmetric knowledge between the participants equally supported by an active involvement of stellar speakers on the topic.

Comprehensive Approach to the DSA

The Head’s Workshop showcased a multifaceted approach to understanding and implementing the Digital Services Act (DSA). The event combined interactive discussions with more strategic perspectives, drawing participation from a mixed range of stakeholders. Emphasizing the importance of collaboration for the effective implementation of the DSA, the workshop was a proactive and concrete effort to arm regulators with essential knowledge and skills for navigating the digital regulatory landscape.