IRG Board members 2019

The Board assists the Chair in his duties. Elected members of the IRG Board for 2019 are as follows:

Mr Dan Sjöblom

Director General of PTS (Sweden) and the incoming IRG/BEREC Chair 2020 

Mr Johannes Gungl

CEO Telecommunications of RTR (Austria) and the outgoing IRG/BEREC Chair 2018

Mr Marcin Cichy

President of UKE (Poland) and IRG/BEREC Vice-Chair 2019

Mr Konstantinos Masselos

President of EETT (Greece) and IRG/BEREC Vice-Chair 2019

Ms Tanja Muha

Director of AKOS (Slovenia) and IRG/BEREC Vice-Chair 2019

Ms Elisabeth Sørbøe Aarsæther

Director General of NKom (Norway) and IRG Vice-Chair 2019