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Published: 09.06.2008
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We are a network of independent European telecom regulators. The IRG was established in 1997 as a group of European National Telecommunications Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) to share experiences and points of views among its members on important issues relating to the regulation and development of the European telecommunications market at the beginning of the liberalisation of the markets with the 1998 so-called ONP (Open Network Provision) framework.

The Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) and the Office were established by the Regulation (EC) No. 1211/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2009. BEREC is comprised of a Board of Regulators consisting of Heads of 28 national regulatory authorities (NRAs). The EU Commission, EFTA States (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein and two EU candidate States (Turkey and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) participate as observers to the Board of Regulators. BEREC is the successor of ERG with an enhanced role in the new regulatory framework.

Vacancy notices for positions within the Office of BEREC are published here


IRG Secretariat new offices

The IRG Secretariat is moving to a new location in Brussels on Monday, 22 September 2104.

The new office and postal address is:

IRG Secretariat

Rue de la Science 14, 3rd floor 

B-1040 Brussels

Please read this file for directions to the new location.


1st IRG Internal Capacity-Building Workshop on NGA/NGNs, Frauenfeld (Switzerland), 14-17 April 2014

The Independent Regulators Group (IRG) is happy to hold its first Internal Capacity-Building in Frauenfeld (Switzerland) from 14 to 17 April 2014.  The IRG Secretariat in close collaboration with two of its members (ComCom/Bakom and AKOS) have organised to leverage and exchange the internal knowledge of its experts in NGA/NGNs and best practices among NRAs for benefit of all interested IRG members’ experts.

In times of scarce resources, the opportunity of promoting internal capacity building has become an asset.  Given the current regulatory activities and recent policy developments in view to complete the targets set by the Digital Agenda, NGA/NGNs discussions are strategic for Europe.

The IRG workshop will cover and address NGA/NGNs  from several perspectives: technology (theory and practice), theoretical economic and the regulatory perspectives as well as national cases.

You may access the agenda PDF Format - An Acrobat Reader® is needed to access the content of these documents. An access plug-in (MakeAccessiblePlugIn.exe) is available for the Acrobat Reader® and may be found  in http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/main.html of the workshop and information about the speakers PDF Format - An Acrobat Reader® is needed to access the content of these documents. An access plug-in (MakeAccessiblePlugIn.exe) is available for the Acrobat Reader® and may be found  in http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/main.html

Should you need further information, please contact the IRG Secretariat at secretariat@irg.eu


New IRG Executive Officer

The IRG Secretariat is having a new and additional Staff Member. I am therefore very pleased to inform that Ms. Eleni Seriatou is our new IRG Executive Officer since Tuesday 4 March.

Before joining IRG, Eleni has worked for many years within European public (national and regional) networks based in Brussels and active in the fields of Research & Innovation. As a Communications and Public Affairs professional, Eleni has been in charge of communication strategies, reporting on EU policies (incl. Innovation, Energy & Transport, Regional Policy) and managing the dissemination of EU-funded projects.

Eleni is a Greek native and speaks fluently English and French.


IRG Head of Secretariat

Following the conclusion of the selection process for a new Head of the IRG Secretariat, Mrs. Delphine Bernet-Travert was appointed to this position on November, 5th. 2012.

Mrs. Bernet-Travert previous professional assignments include working as:

- a Brussels-based lobbyist with project management skills and,

- an expert in EU / Public & Government Affairs incl. communication (10 years) 

Mrs. Bernet-Travert is also experienced in the private and public sectors, trade associations, consultancy, and specific expertise in various sectorial policies of the EU (Regional/Interregional cooperation, Agriculture, Telecoms, External Relations and Development, EU Industrial Policy, EU 2020).

IRG members welcome her appointment to this position.


BEREC publishes its input and opinion on Universal Service (25 April 2012)

BEREC has submitted its Input and Opinion on Universal Service Communication of the Commission 


IRG & Florence School of Regulation Workshop on broadband promotion

On Wednesday 16 November, IRG and the Florence School of Regulation (FSR) held a workshop on broadband promotion. Presentations were given by representatives of both FSR and IRG, but also of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and the OECD. The workshop marked the publication of the FSR study on Broadband Promotion, that was undertaken by FSR on behalf of IRG.

IRG hopes that the report helps to increase the knowledge of what is needed to stimulate the uptake of broadband in the EU.

The presentations that were made during the workshop and the FSR study report are available on this website under 'Broadband' in the 'Topics' section accessible from the left-hand side menu.


BEREC plenary meeting (26-27 May 2011)

BEREC held its 7th meeting in Porto 26th to 27th May 2011. After the meeting the following documents have been published:

BoR (11) 19 BEREC Annual report 
BoR (11) 20 BEREC Monitoring report on Broadband Common Positions 
BoR (11) 20 Annex 1 
BoR (11) 20 Annex 2 
BoR (11) 20 Annex 3 
BoR (11) 21 BEREC 7th Roaming Benchmark Data Report 
BoR (11) 22 BEREC Roaming Compliance Report 
BoR (11) 23 Rules of Procedure 
BoR (11) 25 BEREC report on Brodband commercialization 
BoR (11) 26 BEREC-RSPG report on spectrum sharing 
BoR (11) 27 MTR Benchmark snapshot (Jan 2011) 

The public debriefing after the meeting was held in Brussels on 1st June 2011, please find the presentation  of the BEREC Chair and a press release  .


BEREC plenary meeting (24-25 February 2011)

BEREC held its sixth meeting in Riga 24th to 25th February 2011. After the meeting the following documents have been published:

BoR (10) 44 Rev1 BEREC Guidance on Functional Separation   
BoR (10) 44 Rev1b BEREC Guidance on FS Annex 
BoR (10) 44 Rev1c BEREC Guidance on FS Consultation Report 

BoR (10) 46 Rev1 BEREC report on market definition for business services 
BoR (10) 46 Rev1b BEREC report on market definition for business services Consultation Report 

BoR (10) 47 Rev1 BEREC report on accessibility 
BoR (10) 47 Rev1b BEREC report on accessibility Consultation Report 

BoR (10) 62 Rev1 BEREC report on cross border issues 
BoR (10) 62 Rev1b BEREC report on cross border issues Consultation Report 

BoR (11) 04 BEREC Decision on Working groups 
BoR (11) 05 BEREC report on Open Access 

BoR (11) 06 BEREC report NGA Country Cases Study 
BoR (11) 06b BEREC report NGA Country Cases Study Annex I 
BoR (11) 06c BEREC report NGA Country Cases Study Annex II 

BoR (11) 07 BEREC RSPG Transitional issues   
BoR (11) 08 BEREC roaming alternative tariffs 
BoR (11) 09 BEREC response to roaming consultation 

The public debriefing after the meeting was held in Brussels on 7th March 2011, please find the presentation  of the BEREC Chair.


BEREC Office Seat Agreement (25 February 2011)

The Latvian Government and BEREC signed the BEREC Office Seat Agreement see the Press Release 


Fifth BEREC meeting (10 December 2010)

BEREC held its fifth meeting in Bruges 2nd to 3rd December 2010. After the meeting the following documents have been published:

BoR (10) 58 BEREC Report on International Mobile Roaming Regulation
BoR (10) 43 Rev1 BEREC Work Programme 2011
BoR (10) 43 Rev1b Consultation report on BEREC WP 2011
BoR (10) 64 BEREC report on bundled offers
BoR (10) 65 BEREC report on convergent services

MC (10) 26 Decision AM appraisal
MC (10) 27 Decision implementing rules staff regulations

BoR (10) 62 Draft BEREC report cross border issues (for public consultation until 13 January 2011)

The public debriefing after the fifth BEREC meeting was held in Brussels on 9 December 2010, please find the presentation of the BEREC Chair.