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Title: "Other Documents"
Published: 14.05.2008
URL: http://www.irg.eu/render.jsp?contentId=542764
View: 26.11.2014

BEREC documents

BoR (11) 04 BEREC Decision on Working groups 

BoR (10) 44 Rev1 BEREC Guidance on Functional Separation 

BoR (10) 44 Rev1b BEREC Guidance on FS Annex 

BoR (10) 44 Rev1c BEREC Guidance on FS Consultation Report 

BoR (10) 27 Rev1 BEREC procedures for public consultations held by BEREC

BoR (10) 27 Rev1b BEREC Report on the consultation draft BEREC procedures for public consultations

BoR (10) 31 BEREC action plan to achieve symmetry of TR

BoR (10) 26 BoR Decision on access to documents

BoR (10) 24 Rev1 NGN Common Statement Future Charging Mechanisms

BoR (10) 24b NGN Common Statemet Future Charging Mechanisms Consultation Report

BoR (10) 23 Decision on BEREC expert working groups

BoR (10) 03 RoP Board of Regulators

MC (10) 27 Decision implementing rules staff regulations

MC (10) 26 Decision AM appraisal 

MC (10) 46 Internal investigations anti-fraud OLAF

MC (10) 45 OLAF Anti-fraud interinstitutional agreement

MC (10) 39 BEREC-Office Work Programme 2011

MC (10) 28 MC Decision on access to documents

MC (10) 02 Rules of Procedure Management Committee

IRG/ERG documents

I/ERG Statement on the Review (June 09)

ERG (09) 19 VoIP Action Plan

Berlin Plenary I-ERG statement on the review (Feb 09)

I/ERG 2008 Achievements

ERG (09) 26 ERG Statement on the Digital Dividend

ERG (08) 68 Statement on NGA Development

Speech given by Commissioner Erkki Liikanen at the inaugural meeting

ERG (04) 21 Mobile payments discussion note

ERG (03) 07 ERG Interim Rules of Procedure

Letter to Commissioner Viviane Reding 2007-11-06

Communication with Commissioner Viviane Reding 2007-02-27 and before



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