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Title: "Broadband"
Published: 14.05.2008
View: 27.11.2014

IRG and Florence School of Regulation Workshop on Broadband Promotion

Documents and presentations


Broadband Working Group

The widespread availability and adoption of high-speed broadband Internet access by consumers is increasingly viewed as a key driver of information and communication technology capabilities. The group is seeking to promote rapid deployment of broadband, coupled with rapid adoption by consumers. Main topics are related to access and consumer issues.

Below are the deliverables of the group:

ERG (08) 44 Methodology on the proposal for comparison of Broadband Retail Prices

ERG (08) 06 ERG Report on Monitoring of Conformity with ERG Common Positions: Lessons Learned from Broadband Questionnaires and Next Steps

ERG (07) 54 Wholesale Leased Lines Common Position

ERG (07) 54 b SMP WLL CP consultation report

ERG (07) 53 Report on ERG Best Practices on Regulatory Regimes in Wholesale Unbundled Access and Bitstream Access

ERG (07) 44 ERG Opinion on Functional Separation

ERG (07) 20b Closed Consultation report on wholesale broadband / wholesale local access common positions

ERG (07) 16 Rev 2 ERG Opinion on Regulatory Principles of Next Generation Access

ERG (06) 70 Rev 1 Common position on Wholesale local access

ERG (06) 69 Rev 1 Common position on Wholesale broadband access

ERG (05) 24 - Summary of the consultation on wholesale broadband access via cable

ERG (05) 23 ERG Broadband market competition report

ERG (03) 33 Rev2 Revised Common Position on wholesale bitstream access (includes a chapter on cable network access)

PIBs Regarding LLU

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